• Enrollment
    Enrollment opens on April 1st for the 2024-2025 school year.

  2024-2025 Enrollment is now OPEN

2024-2025 Enrollment will open from April 1st to August 31st and opens again during the month of December for families who need to make midyear adjustments.

Steps to Enroll in Essential Church School

We understand that the decision to homeschool is one that can be filled with uncertainty, and it is our desire to make things as clear and clean as possible.

Step One – Get to Know Us

Please read our online handbook for details about our policies and procedures. In short, we want you to get to know who we are and what we will expect from you. There are some things that are required by Alabama law, and we will guide you in making sure those essentials are fulfilled.

Step Two – Application

We are now only offering an online application process.

Things to know or have with you BEFORE you fill out the application:

  • Be prepared to pay the tuition of $150 per family (a $25 late fee will be added during Late or Mid-Year Registration - the months of August-March)
  • Have the name and address of your student's previous school, if applicable.
  • For students entering grades 8-12, please review our diploma options (pages 6-7 of Handbook).  In the application, you will be asked to notify us if you are choosing to maintain transcripts/diplomas independently as a homeschool family.
  • If your student has special custody circumstances, you may want to have documentation prepared to upload in the application.

CLICK HERE to Enroll Now

Currently enrolled Essential families should NOT use this form.  Please log onto your Member Page for Re-Enrollment information.


Step Three – Church School Enrollment Form

The Alabama law requires submission of a Church School Enrollment Form for all students enrolled in a church school as defined by the Alabama Code Section 16-28-7.

Upon receipt of your application, you will be sent links to online forms to complete for each enrolled student.  After you have completed the required information on each form, our administrator will confirm enrollment and send you the completed forms with a confirmation email.  The email will contain instructions for your responsibilities to submit these forms to your local school superintendent.

You should print one copy for your important files, and the other printed copy needs to be mailed certified to your local school superintendent (delivery confirmation is not necessary) . Keep the certified mail receipt with your copy. This is the proof that you are abiding by the Alabama compulsory education laws.

Step Four – Become a member of HSLDA

Home School Legal Defense Association is an association of attorneys who teach their own children at home and who defend the homeschooling rights of members nationwide. One of the most comforting areas of support any homeschool family can have is the assurance of knowing you have help with any legal matters that may arise. We feel that it is important for you and your family to be fully protected and have made arrangements for a discounted membership fee. HSLDA also offers support in high school counsel as well as special needs.  Membership is not required, but highly recommended.

Step Five – Don’t do it alone!

We encourage you to join us as we participate in field trips, parties, park days, and encouragement from local support groups. It is important to share with other families and get connected with the many offerings available for homeschoolers throughout Birmingham. Many of our families participate in the activities offered by Birmingham Homeschoolers Community.  Visit the Birmingham Homeschool Directory for more local resources, classes, and connections.